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Santa Rosa Beach Wind Storm

This firm in Santa Rosa Beach was forced to close its doors after a wind storm (perhaps a tornado) ripped a hole in the roof and broke up the ceiling material. ... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Miramar Beach

Call us 24/7 if your home in Miramar Beach experiences a fire damage emergency. Our experts will arrive quickly and begin the restoration process right away. Ou... READ MORE

Water Damage – Santa Rosa Beach

Water damage resulted at this Santa Rosa Beach home due to a water supply line above the ceiling sprung a leak. The water leak dripped along the pipe and droppe... READ MORE

Walton County Water Loss

Sprinkler systems are great for helping to extinguish fires in Walton County commercial structures. However, when a significant malfunction actuates the system ... READ MORE

Walton County Storm Damage

The strong winds from the tropical storm tore a hole in the roof and proceeded to drench the attic crawlspace with large volumes of water. The Florida Panhandle... READ MORE

Water Damage - Santa Rosa Beach House

Water damage struck this Santa Rosa home when a water line burst while the residents were away for an extended weekend. The water escaping from the burst pipe s... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Damaged Home in Miramar Beach

Sometimes small kitchen fires result in extensive damage because of the location of the fire and the means of extinguishing it. The mess in this Miramar Beach c... READ MORE

Moldy Attic in Santa Rosa Beach Area

Heat, moisture, lack of circulation are factors that allow dormant mold spores to sprout into large mold patches as depicted in this Before Photo. Gulf moisture... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Santa Rosa Beach Office Building

Commercial water damage resulted in this Santa Rosa Beach office building when a fire sprinkler system water line burst. Naturally, all business activities were... READ MORE

Storm Rips up a Roof in Santa Rosa Beach

The flat roof of this property in Santa Rosa Beach peeled back from severe winds. The debris blown in is visible is the Before Photo. A problem like this requir... READ MORE