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Commercial Preparedness for Disasters

12/30/2015 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Program Helps Mitigate Losses in Miramar Beach

SERVPRO's Unique Emergency Ready Profile Can Mitigate Commercial Fire and Water Damage Losses

When a disaster like a fire, flood, broken water pipe or sewage backup strikes a business, the downtime affects more than the loss of revenue. Customers are inconvenienced, employees may be jobless, inventory can be destroyed or contaminated, the building and its capital assets may be in jeopardy of becoming non-salvageable. What to do? Be Prepared for Emergencies.

SERVPRO  offers the latest in technology when it comes to responding to a commercial disaster in Miramar Beach and the surrounding areas. You can virtually have help at your fingertips, available day or night. This valuable resource can offer a means of mitigating business losses to our business and management clients, thus lessening their burden with dealing with their customers and clients. The ERP, Emergency Ready Profile, is a detailed document that takes planning with our clients to gather the pertinent information to be prepared for emergency situations. SERVPRO Marketing Reps (SMR) willingly make multiple visits to collect the data, photos, and all contact information. Upon arrival with the checklist from this Corporate Based Software program, on-site inspections and assessments are made to incorporate all factors and conditions which may occur after any given disaster.

When SERVPRO has downloaded all the information from the company that is necessary to secure fast responses to any given structural emergency, we will provide hard copies to the business owners, and decision-makers. Copies may also be kept on file with maintenance departments, depending on the type of business. We can offer semi-annual updates for new or changing circumstances and thus provide our clients with the knowledge that we can respond immediately. The right crews and equipment will be dispatched. No delays to mitigating water or fire damage control and monetary losses.

To help protect your strip-center, apartment or condo complex, or a big box retail enterprise, call SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington. We can schedule an appointment and construct an Emergency Ready Profile for you. (850) 267-0746