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Nine Easy to Follow Tips for Spring Cleaning

4/25/2016 (Permalink)

Freeport Home or Commercial Building Always Needs a Good Cleaning

SERVPRO Advice for Cleaning and Protecting

Spring cleaning can be done any time of the year, not just when the flowers start to bloom. By maintaining a clean and structurally sound home, you can mitigate water and fire damage and mold remediation.

1. Work from the top down. That means start cleaning in your Freeport home at the top of your house, for example, your second level, down to the bottom of your house. That way you are not dragging dirt and clutter throughout the clean parts of the home!

2. Keep it simple. Do one room at a time. This will give you feelings of satisfaction once you can see a completed space done.  These little boosts will keep you energized and incentivize you to keep cleaning!!

3. To save you time and energy designate a spot for junk and clutter on each floor of your home.  By doing so, you aren’t spending the time to go all the way out to dispose of your rubbish little by little. This will help to prevent the spread of fires if clutter and flammable materials are not present.

4. Multitasking is essential!  So if you’re washing machine takes one hour utilize that time to do something else rather than just waiting for the cycle to finish.

5. Use rubber gloves during those big cleaning days.  Harsh chemicals can damage your skin. Even SERVPRO technicians use protective clothing and gear for water removal and mold remediation. Work safe.

6. Know you limits.  If you are capable of doing repairs, then we suggest DIY!  But if not, don’t hesitate to call a professional.  Overdoing it can cause more problems than you had. If you find a water leak or a hint of mold growth, call us to inspect the damage and restore your property before things get out of hand.

 7.  Think about the order you are going to clean things. For example, dust and clean surfaces before using the vacuum cleaner.  If not, you’ll end up having to vacuum more than once. Make sure to have your HVAC system, especially the duct work, inspected at least every two years. SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington can provide professional cleaning using HEPA filtration systems to mitigate mold spores, allergens, dust, and other debris from your system. This will improve your indoor air quality, IAQ.

8. Go at own your pace.  Set aside the time so that you don’t feel rushed.  Take breaks when you feel tired, hungry, or thirsty.  Cleaning exposes you to harsh chemicals, dust, and allergens (not if we clean your ducts) causing you to feel dehydrated.

9. Make a list!  Work out the logistics so that you are cleaning most efficiently. Keep an eye out for any abnormal structural damage and don't hesitate to call our SERVPRO professionals for an inspection at (850) 267-0746.

Springtime Cleaning and Maintenance

4/5/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Cleaning Tips for Bonifay Homes

SERVPRO Offers Tips to Get Your Home Clean and Ready for a New Spring

Springtime, even though we do not have significant seasonal changes, is the time to renew your house just as our Mother Earth refreshes herself. Step back, look around, and try the following:

1. Inspect porches for damaged steps, rotting planks, broken lattices, cracked concrete, weak railings, and general overall appearance. Inspect for water leaks or drainage problems. Front porches in Bonifay when cleaned and spruced up add to curb appeal, as any real estate agent will tell you.

2. Organize your attic. This is the time to have a yard sale. Stored and forgotten possessions that have not been used for six months are probably just taking up space.

3. Pollen and other allergens are in the Springtime air. If you or family members have hayfever or sensitivities to these airborne particulates, call SERVPRO to inspect your HVAC system. We can check, clean, and filter your ducts, replace filters, and sanitize and deodorize the network of circulated air delivery. This will improve your indoor air quality.

4. Check for termite mud tubes around the perimeter of your structure. If you see small particles of frass or pellets, you may have a drywood termite infestation. Call in a professional company to inspect your home.

5. Re-caulk and seal around the tubs, sinks, and shower stalls to prevent the seepage of water into the walls or flooring. Unnoticed moisture can lead to a mold infestation. If you suspect a problem call SERVPRO for a free inspection. Our IICRC certified technicians can remedy any mold issues that may be present. This can help prevent health effects while protecting your home's structure and your possessions.

6. Enjoy your landscaping and check for bugs, poorly growing vegetation, and vermin. Use fertilizer to replenish your shrubs and trees. Monitor the foundation of your house for any signs of water accumulation or dampness. If you suspect a possible water leak or negative drainage leading into your basement or crawlspace, call us to mitigate and restore your water damaged home.

7. Plant a tree or two. Remember they can grow large, so not too close to the house. Try planting native trees like a Myrtle or Sabal Palm. Florida offers us a variety of options because of our mild to hot climate. Take advantage and improve the appearance and health of your home.

We hope these tips from SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington help you to appreciate your home and keep in well maintained. If you incur any fire, water, or mold related problems don't hesitate to call us for immediate service. (850) 267-0746

Dirty Ducts Can Produce Poor Indoor Air Quality

2/3/2016 (Permalink)

Defuniak Springs Duct Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

SERVPRO Can Clean and Sanitize Your Home's Ductwork

You may ask, why is duct cleaning important?  There are several factors that lead to dirty air ducts and the results of restrictive air circulation. We all require water, food, and air to sustain our way of living. It makes sense to control these factors to protect your property along with the health and well-being of your family.

Homeowners in Florida usually do not pay much attention, or may not be aware, of the contaminants that accumulate in their HVAC systems. Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning systems can make life more comfortable for occasional heating, and most definitely for cooling our homes in the summer months. The main collection space for these contaminants is your air ducts. A typical home may produce from 20 to 40 pounds of airborne dust and dirt per year. The interior air of your home goes through a complete recirculation cycle 5 to 7 times per day. Duct cleaning in Defuniak Springs offers several advantageous results because of these factors. The indoor air quality, IAQ, will be enhanced by limiting the recirculation of dust, dirt, dander, dust mites and other bugs, pollen, mold spores, odors, and other potential allergens. Yes, a lot of stuff lurks in air ducts, registers, and the mechanical housings of these systems. Since your unit now flows more freely because the restrictive foreign matter has been cleaned out, your system works more efficiently and will last longer. Your energy bills will be reduced as the result of less work time and effort of your HVAC system.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association, NADCA, and our SERVPRO certified IICRC technicians follow safe and responsible procedures for cleaning duct work and the related components. Our SERVPRO technicians will wear the proper safety equipment, including an N-95 NIOSH, approved respirator, in cases of significant contamination from flooding or fires.

Typical duct cleaning entails agitating debris within the ductwork. The right tools, depending on the material of the conduits, flexible, duct board, or sheet metal, will be used to maximize the cleaning. HEPA filtered vacuums, using negative air pressure, will suction out most of the unwanted debris, and directed for capture to prevent recirculation into to the ambient air of the home. By using this roto-scraping and filtration system, the conduits are ready for a deodorizing spray and a disinfectant fogging if necessary. This will restore a safe and sanitary environment to the interior of the ducts, providing better indoor air quality throughout your home or business. We will also wipe down and clean any dirt or grime on the registers, and provide you with a checklist for maintaining your system. Our initial step is to inspect and assess if this work is beneficial. We always focus on the needs of our customers.

SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington is always available for an inspection and cleaning. Keep us in mind for any fire or water damage restoration and cleanup. Call us 24/7 at 850) 267-0746.

Mold Remediation Improves Your Home's Appearance and Condition

10/6/2015 (Permalink)

This Ozone Machine Destroys Unpleasant Odors in Your Seaside Home.

Call on SERVPRO for Mold Remediation for Your Home or Business

Many factors can add or detract from the overall appeal of the interior of a home. One of which is indoor air quality. Sometimes odors can simply be the result of inadequate housekeeping, or poor air circulation, or a moisture problem leading to hidden mold growth.

The musty odor in your Seaside home may be mold. The need for a food source and moisture for mold spores to germinate into patches of a mold is well known. What is not readily known is that even high levels of humidity can produce sufficient moisture for this growth to start and flourish. SERVPRO is a leader in the mold remediation industry. Our years of service, excellent company training combined with IICRC certifications and equipment allow us to serve you in the best way possible.

Once the moisture or water leak has been eliminated, then the mold remediation process can move forward. We carefully assess the affected environment and suggest the best course of action for you. Usually, insurance policies do not cover mold remediation unless a specific rider is added to your contract. However, the cause of the moisture may open a door to coverage. Talk with your agent concerning coverage. We are always willing to cooperate with you and your insurance company to remedy the mold problem in the most economical and convenient way.

Before we have removed all visible signs of a mold infestation, we may utilize various instruments for detecting hidden pockets of moisture that may be harboring mold colonies. These may include thermal hygrometers, infrared cameras, and moisture sensors. Our SERVPRO technicians will apply antifungal agents when appropriate to help prevent future infestations that may lead to adverse health effects. Pictured is an ozone machine that destroys mold spores, bacteria, and other particulates within the ambient, interior air of your home. This ozone machine is like an odor eater that will dramatically improve the interior air quality.

For your own comfort and health, a nearly mold free home, it is not possible to have a mold-free home, is a plus. From a realtor's point of view if you are planning on selling your property IAQ is a huge advantage to compliment a clean interior and an exterior with curb appeal. Consider SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington counties for assistance with fire, water, or mold damaging events to your home or business. Contact us 24/7 at (850) 267-0746.

Vandalism and Graffiti

8/24/2015 (Permalink)

Did you know that we offer cleanup services for vandalism and graffit?  It’s not your average drape or carpet cleaning need, but we know how to help.  In fact, we can make it like it never even happened.  What may seem like an unharmful prank to a teenager can turn into a real issue for a business or home owner.  If a window is broken, significant water damage and mold growth can start to occur within a few hours.  The more time goes by without it being treated the worse it will get.  Maybe there aren’t any broken windows, and you just have a crude image spray painted on the side of your walls that will surely drive away business from you; call SERVPRO of Walton County so that we can get out there in a timely manner and make sure that you don’t lose any business!

SERVPRO of N.Okaloosa, Washington, Walton and Holmes County specializes in Water Removal and Dehumidification,  carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mold mitigation and remediation, fire damage, air duct cleaning and storm response. SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach has been serving Okaloosa, Walton, Washington and Homes counties for 23 years. We are licensed and insured IICRC certified.

Drape Cleaning

8/18/2015 (Permalink)

Before and After photo of a drape cleaning

SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes and Washington County excels at cleaning fine fabrics.  We carefully inspect and test the fabrics to determine which of the five cleaning methods we offer would work best for your material!  We combine that with our state-of-the-art equipment that is designed specifically for fine fabrics.  A good rule-of-thumb is to have your drapes cleaned every two years, don’t just wait until your guests can see them for themselves.  The dirt can cause materials to deteriorate faster, so give us a call to professionally clean them in a manner that won’t damage or shrink them.

SERVPRO of N.Okaloosa, Washington, Walton and Holmes County specializes in Water Removal and Dehumidification,  carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mold mitigation and remediation, fire damage, air duct cleaning and storm response. SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach has been serving Okaloosa, Walton, Washington and Homes counties for 23 years. We are licensed and insured IICRC certified.

HVAC/Air Duct Cleaning

8/10/2015 (Permalink)

Before and After photo of an air duct cleaning

HVAC/Air Duct Cleaning

With the summer months being so hot, many people are spending as much as 80% of their time indoors.  Did you know if your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit hasn’t received attention in some time it could be circulating things such as dust, pollen, odors, dirt and debris throughout your home or office… One of the best things you can do for your indoor air quality is having your air ducts cleaned.  SERVPRO of N.Okaloosa, Washington, Walton, and Holmes County uses a high efficiency HEPA filtered system that will clean air ducts ensuring you higher quality air with a reduced amount of indoor air pollutants.  Having your HVAC unit routinely inspected by SERVPRO professionals can extend the life of your equipment, so not only is the air you breathe safer but it can also save you money!! 

SERVPRO of N.Oakloosa, Washington, Walton and Holmes County specializes in Water Removal and Dehumidification,  carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mold mitigation and remediation, fire damage, air duct cleaning and storm response. We are licensed and insured IICRC certified.

Air Duct HVAC Cleaning Walton County

11/24/2014 (Permalink)

Duct Cleaning Walton County, FL

Clean sweep for Ducts

When addressing air quality inspecting the ductwork is  SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach first order of business. Dirty ducts can work to circulate odors, contaminates like mold and irritating dust throughout the building.

SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach use a proven Portable Ventilation and Air Duct CLeaning System to examine duct and grime.

Call us today to schedule your duct cleaning 850-863-2552.

Holiday Carpet Cleaning Walton, Washington and Holmes County

11/19/2014 (Permalink)

Carpet Cleaning Santa Rosa Beach

As the holidays are quickly approaching with lots of gathering of friends and family SERVPRO of N.okaloosa, Walton, Washington adn Holmes County is ready to help get your home guest-ready. SERVPRO of N.okaloosa, Walton, Washington and Holmes County provides a professional carpet cleaning services. SERVPRO of N.okaloosa, Walton, Washington and Holmes County has 23 years of carpet cleaning experience.

Call and schedule your appointment today! (850)863-2552

SERVPRO of N.okaloosa, Walton, Washington adn Holmes County specializes in Water Removal and Dehumidification,  carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mold mitigation and remediation, fire damage, air duct cleaning and storm response. SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach has been serving Okaloosa, Walton, Washing ton and Homes counties for 23 years. We are licensed and insured IICRC certified.

Dryer Duct Cleaning in Destin, FL

12/20/2013 (Permalink)

Dryer Vent Cleaning Destin, FL

SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach is now offering Dryer Duct/ Vent Cleaning! Here are a few of the benefits: Reduce your risk of a dryer fire.  Lower your power bill. Your dryer will last longer with fewer repairs. Your clothes will dry faster with less lint left on them. Clogged vents cause dryers to overheat. This process pays for itself. 

Tis the season for Dryer Duct Cleaning! Call for your free estimate (850) 863-2552. 

Carpet Cleaning

12/12/2013 (Permalink)

It's a GREAT DAY @ SERVPRO! Need your carpets cleaned? Have a water damage? Never fear SERVPRO is HERE. Call (850) 863-2552