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Mold and Mildew

5/27/2016 (Permalink)

Significant mold growth in a Miramar Beach condo

SERVPRO Can Remedy Your Home or Business Mold & Mildew Problems

Mold and Mildew are two kinds of fungi that can infest your home under the right conducive conditions.  Like all living organisms, these fungi require water or moisture, a food source, preferably a cellulose material, and a place away from sunlight. The darker, the better. Not only can these fungi cause structural damage to your home or business, but they may also induce adverse health effects in people and pets. Let's take a look at some of the differences between mold and mildew.

Fungi spores are endemic in the outdoors and also exist inside buildings. They are part of nature, and if no large growth patches develop, you will probably not even be aware of their presence. If you begin to smell a musty odor or see mold in your Miramar Beach condo, there is a good chance you have a mold infestation. IAQ, indoor air quality, can be severely compromised by large proliferations of these fungi. By calling a company like SERVPRO to inspect your HVAC system for moisture issues and spores and mildew, you can prevent serious mold or mildew blooms.

Mildew usually takes on the appearance of a white powdery substance on leaves and plants. Since it is a surface growth, not like many species of mold, it is easier to contain and less of an economic problem for structures and personal possessions. It can still grow on the cardboard of drywall, on insulation backing, wallpaper, and furniture fabrics and clothing. Mold species come in all colors, ranging from white to black, with yellow, green, brown, and red also seen. Their texture can be slimy, rough, flat, or very mushy. Mold can anchor to non-cellulose surfaces and begin to flourish. The grout on tiles, caulk in bathrooms, carpets, artwork, and the list goes on.

The key to stopping mold and mildew proliferation is to prevent excess moisture buildup in the home. The attic, basement, or bathrooms are hot spots for high humidity. All leaks, from pipes, drain hoses, faulty equipment, or water intrusion via groundwater or rainwater should be removed and dried as rapidly as possible. There is no point in compounding a water damaging event by delaying repair and allowing these fungi a foothold.

When that musty odor or visible signs of mold or mildew are on your property, contact the IICRC certified mold remediation specialists from SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington at (850) 267-0746 for 24/7 response. We can safely remediate any mold or mildew problem "Like it never even happened."

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