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Where Can Homeowners Go to Restore Their Homes After a Fire?

10/16/2020 (Permalink)

Flame We have the training, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition after a fire. Call us right away.

For Professional Fire Restoration in Santa Rosa Beach, Residents Call SERVPRO.

Can Smoke Residues Cause a Lot of Damage?

If not properly cleaned, smoke residues in Santa Rosa Beach homes can destroy many surfaces they touch, including glass, marble, and metal. SERVPRO technicians have the skills and equipment needed to preserve the most furniture and other property possible in each home. 

What Are SERVPRO’s Primary Methods of Cleaning?

Our fire damage cleaning methods fall into two categories: Dry and Wet. Each uses different tools and actions to remove the residues left behind after a house fire.

  • Dry Cleaning – Technicians use feather dusters and dusting cloths to wipe off light-to-medium, non-grease-based residues with no need for water or a cleaning agent. For thicker layers of these residues, technicians can use dry, cleaning sponges or vacuums with special filters to capture and remove larger particulates.
  • Wet Cleaning – Restoration team members use this more aggressive method for moderate-to-heavy residues. Each method requires water, sometimes with a cleaning agent to break down the residue for easier removal. The item may be saturated with a combination of both, depending on the material being cleaned. 

What Are Some of the Common Methods of Wet Cleaning Used? 

  • Spray and Wipe – Technicians apply water or a mix of water and cleaning agent directly to the residue stain with a spray bottle. They then wipe the stain with a white, clean towel and repeat as often as necessary.
  • Abrasive Cleaning – If the surface is rough, such as stone or marble, technicians use a thicker cleaner and hand or powered agitators. It allows them to penetrate the surface as deeply as the residues to remove them. 

To begin the restoration process for your home here or in Miramar Beach, call SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties at (850) 267-0746 today. We are here to return your residence back to its original, pre-fire condition. 

How Can You Protect Your Home from the Worst Effects of Flooding?

10/8/2020 (Permalink)

visual of tablet and mobile with ERP SERVPRO Says to Walton County Property Owners--Be Prepared for Storms, Hurricanes, and Flooding with our ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan

You Can Mitigate the Effects of Flooding on Your Walton County Home by Doing a Few Simple Things Before and After a Flood.

Due to its location on the Gulf Coast, Walton County is especially prone to hurricanes and the flooding they generally bring.  These massive storms routinely pass over the county between June and the end of November, rapidly dropping several inches of rain, knocking over trees, and whipping up the surf in their path.  In their wake, they often leave extensive damage that requires the assistance of trained remediation professionals.  Moreover, if proper precautions are not taken before a severe weather event and there are no mitigation efforts after such an occurrence, cleanup and restoration could become quite costly.  Fortunately, modern weather forecasting has made it possible to effectively prepare for approaching storms and plan post-storm efforts up to a week before they arrive.

How Can I Lessen the Potential Impact of a Future Flooding Event Today?

There are numerous things you can do now to substantially better your odds of avoiding or more easily remedying the worst flood damage Walton County weather is capable of causing.  The following is a list of measures SERVPRO, a local cleanup, and restoration service, suggests that you take to protect your home before storms are even forecasted:

  • Go to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) website and, using its search tool, enter your home’s address to determine its zone designation and risk of flooding
  • Make sure your homeowner's insurance policy covers flood damage if you are located in a higher risk area and if it does not, buy flood insurance (note: flood insurance is required as a condition of many Florida mortgages)
  • If you ever notice standing water issues around your community following rains, contact your county government about possibly improving the drainage in your area
  • Find out the base flood elevation (BFE), or the level floodwaters are predicted to rise to in your home during periods of severe flooding and try to locate all electrical sockets, electronics, appliances, backup generators, and any other sensitive equipment at least a foot above that imagined high water line
  • Hire a plumber to install a gate valve or backflow on every sewer pipe connected to your home so that floodwaters do not force sewage back up into your residence
  • Create a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP) for your residence to establish SERVPRO as your remediator, record all contact information and critical details about your property, and facilitate the rapid development of a plan of action for when a flooding event occurs

All of these preventative actions should protect you from suffering the most costly and time-consuming to repair flood-related issues.

What Steps Can I Take Immediately Before a Potential Storm to Lower My Risks of Suffering Catastrophic Flood Damage?

Modern forecasting technologies, like advanced satellite imaging and radar, have made it much easier for local residents to reduce their overall weather-associated risks.  This they have been able to do by vigilantly monitoring weather conditions and properly preparing for all approaching severe storms.  Some of these preparations involve:

  • Repairing any roof damage and ensuring that your gutters are clean and in good working order
  • Making sure your drainage system is functional and draining water away from your home
  • Fixing any cracks or other foundation damage that might allow floodwaters into your basement or lower levels
  • Repairing driveways, sidewalks, and landscaping elements that might allow water to pool or to more easily flow toward your house
  • Sandbagging the perimeter of your property to divert stormwaters away from your residence
  • Shutting off utilities like electric, gas, and water before leaving your home

Simply by preparing in this way, SERVPRO asserts, you can sometimes avoid flooding and the headaches that come with it altogether.  Even if you are not that fortunate, these measures should markedly reduce the amount of floodwater that ultimately enters your home.

What Can I Do to Mitigate Damages After Flooding Occurs?

Once flooding occurs there are still a few things you can do to reduce overall damages.  In order to do this, SERVPRO suggests taking the following actions after a flood:

  • Contact a reputable flood damage remediation service as soon as possible
  • Refrain from using household appliances to avoid potential electrical issues
  • If it has been determined to be safe, open windows and use fans to ventilate your house; in the more humid summer months, close your windows and turn the air conditioner on to reduce interior humidity levels
  • Avoid walking on or touching impacted surfaces to prevent collapses or other additional damage
  • Quickly remove all remaining artworks and other valuable property to a safe location

In these simple ways, homeowners can help SERVPRO technicians get their work done more quickly once they arrive onsite. 

Remember, though, your neighbors at SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties are always here to help.  Call us at (850) 267-0746 whenever you need us.

Is Keeping the Washing Machine in your Santa Rosa Beach home in Good Order Important?

9/26/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged floor Contact SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties at (850) 267-0746 for professional water damage repair service.

When Your Washer Works Well It Can Prevent Household Flooding and Water Damage in Santa Rosa Beach

Appliances are one of the top reasons for water intrusions in homes. Washing machine malfunctions and leaky hoses can cause quite a bit of damage to Santa Rosa Beach residents. Keeping appliances in good working order can prevent that from happening.

What Can Homeowners Do to Maintain Their Washers?
Water damage repair services in Santa Rosa Beach can be destructive and costly. You can’t always prevent water intrusions into your home, but you can do your best to make sure they do not happen. Properly caring for your washer can go a long way to stop problems.

When you maintain your washer, it helps avoid breakdowns that can lead to leaks and water damage. But there are things you can do to extend the life of your machine. These steps also prevent the need for emergency water mitigation.
•    Check the hoses – Do this regularly and look for fraying, cracks, and leaking around the connections.
•    Machine placement – make sure the washer is at least 4” inches from the wall to prevent kinks in the hose.
•    Balance the washer – An off-balance washer can rock and vibrate. This can damage the machine and the floor.
•    Clean the washer – You can purchase a washing machine cleaner that you use while the machine is empty. A water, vinegar, and baking soda solution works too.
•    Air it out – Leave the lid open for a bit after running a load. This prevents mold and mildew from developing.
•    Clean the lint filter – Keeping this clean ensures your washing machine runs efficiently.
•    Wash correctly – Use the right detergent for the machine and do not overload it.
•    Consider a drip pan - A drip pan can prevent water damage, especially if your laundry room is on a higher level.

SERVPRO understands the problems that cause the need for water damage repair. Many of these situations can be prevented with some forethought and effort. Take time to care for your washing machine and other appliances. It could save you time and trouble in the long run.

Contact SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties at (850) 267-0746 for professional water damage repair service. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Why Is an Infrared Camera Useful During Mold Inspection of the Ceiling in Santa Rosa Beach?

9/20/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing in the corner of a room If you find a mold infestation in your home, contact SERVPRO immediately. We will provide you with professional remediation and mitigation services.

Santa Rosa Beach Properties Need Mold Inspection That Works At Any Height

Homeowners in Santa Rosa Beach know that fungal growth is a genuine problem that needs due care and attention. If you have issues in your house, you naturally want to take care of them quickly and thoroughly.

If you suspect fungus in your Santa Rosa Beach home, mold inspection is vital. It is not enough to clean up visible mold – you need a remediation company like SERVPRO, who will inspect your home and record useful, hard data.

What are the signs that a home needs mold inspection?

If you:

  • See mold patches anywhere in your house
  • Smell a musty smell that does not go away
  • Notice watermarks on your ceiling or walls
  • Find leaks that leave stains behind

It is time to call mold remediation specialists.

Why is mold inspection on the ceiling challenging?

Mold inspection means using instruments to check for moisture and assess the situation in your home. Water is a critical component of mold growth, so we need to understand its extent. Moisture inspection devices such as probes and moisture meters are small handheld devices that need to contact the surface. If the ceiling is exceptionally high, this presents challenges for our technicians, who must first reach the ceiling before they can use the tools.

How does an infrared camera help?

An infrared camera captures images that show how moisture moved across a surface. Infrared cameras are not x-ray machines – they do not look inside building materials. However, a clear picture of how water moves on the surface helps us assess how much moisture is present and pinpoint problem areas. Because the camera does not need to contact the ceiling, our technicians can stand on the floor and still get a clear image of the situation above them.
Infrared images can be affected by:

  • Sunlight and shadows
  • Air movement in the room
  • Electrical heat and appliances nearby
  • Warm or cold air from the HVAC

SERVPRO technicians are aware of all the things that can affect infrared readings and adjust their use of the camera accordingly.

For mold inspection that works from floor to ceiling, call SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties at (850) 267-0746.

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What Are the Primary Goals of Job Scoping for Fire Losses?

9/2/2020 (Permalink)

heavy smoke surrounding smoke detector Don't try to remediate fire damage alone. SERVPRO has the manpower, experience, and necessary equipment to restore your home.

When Fire Damages Impact Your Santa Rosa Beach Condo or Home, Pre-Job Scoping Can help identify several critical factors to Maximize Restoration Efficiency 

Fire loss scenarios do not always have clear and identifiable effects for Santa Rosa Beach residences and businesses. Understanding the full measure of the threat to the property, including the pressing hazards like soot and smoke, can ensure fire restoration companies like our SERVPRO team choose the most efficient way to restore and recover the damages. The best option to achieve this is through pre-job evaluations known as scoping. This process ensures that the right data and information gets collected to have the right equipment, personnel, and safety measures available to make the restoration as efficient as possible.  

Fire restoration for Santa Rosa Beach properties requires multiple tasks simultaneously to return a property to a preloss condition. As challenging as this might initially be with condos, especially those in high-rise structures, job scoping can look first at some of the materials most likely to be impacted or ruined by migrating fire loss effects. Determining these elements' condition can help our team decide where controlled demolition is necessary and where restoration should occur instead. We look at these areas when job scoping first begins: 

  • Flooring 
  • Wall Systems
  • Ceiling Drywall
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Trim 

When Does Job Scoping Occur?  

As a preliminary action taken to determine what fire damage restoration and mitigation steps are necessary, job scoping must occur before these other actions begin. There are instances where emergency services can get conducted immediately when our SERVPRO team arrives at a damaged address when it suits the property. These initial actions are designed to reduce irreparable harm to the property through prolonged fire debris exposure, circulating soot particles, and structural openings that leave the condo vulnerable to outside elements. Once emergency services complete, job scoping with the property owner, and our project manager helps collect vital information to form the property's best restoration plan.  

What Does This Evaluation Seek to Determine?  

While job scoping is not the most prolonged phase of fire damage restoration or mitigation in Santa Rosa Beach, it is a stage that must be thorough. We catalog the necessary information into programs like Xactimate and SERVPRO DryBook to share the essential findings with insurance providers approving the damage claims for the condo. Because units are often single-story, open floor plans, the spread, and severity of fire loss effects can be more substantial than owners realize initially. Our professionals' job scoping seeks to determine several statistics, readings, and evidence of the fire loss. These include: 

  • Present Damages - Through photographic evidence, readings, and documentation, our SERVPRO professionals can identify what conditions exist because of the recent fire.  
  • Needed Reconstruction - With in-house contractors available to help with demolition and repairs, our crew chief and project manager need to identify areas where this demolition and replacement might be necessary.  
  • Estimated Costs - Insurance companies and the customer alike want to have an idea of what to expect regarding the cost of restoration and recovery. While the customer might only be asked to pay a deductible, transparency with estimations ensures that the right steps will restore your property the best.  
  • Pre-Existing Conditions - Issues and damages that existed before the recent fire emergency do not typically get included in fire restoration estimates and projected actions. Not only does this work to save the customer money, but it also makes the restoration process much faster.  

Can Steps be Taken to Improve Environmental Conditions?  

When our team first arrives, identifying unsafe conditions can help ensure that we take the appropriate measures to protect our professionals. Circulating soot can be easily inhaled, and because it is a carcinogen, it can be damaging to our technicians. Likewise, structural weaknesses or damaged surfaces can collapse without warning. Addressing the unsafe conditions in a condo as our SERVPRO professionals arrive to begin work is essential to providing an efficient platform for restoration production. Some of the ways that we can address these pressing concerns include:  

  • Deodorization 
  • Air Scrubbing 
  • HEPA Filtration  

Job scoping is one of the essential pre-mitigation tasks that our SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties team can perform to understand better the restoration tasks to come. These preliminary actions identify several factors about the job site, including the pressing concerns to address first and environmental factors that could threaten our responding technicians. We are available 24/7 to help with a comprehensive fire restoration approach from job scoping through reconstruction. Give us a call at (850) 267-0746. 

Can My Business Be Restored After a Flood?

8/16/2020 (Permalink)

device plus chart for humidity SERVPRO Extracts Floodwaters from Walton County Business Buildings--and Ensures No Secondary Water Damage by Careful Calculations

For Professional Restoration in Walton County, Call SERVPRO

It’s a Small Operation, Can You Still Help Me?

No matter if it is a small café or a large restaurant, SERVPRO response teams have you covered when it comes to remediating commercial flood damage in Walton County

What Tools Do Response Teams Use to Find Residual Floodwater?

Once the affected areas in your Walton County shop have been inspected for safe access, water extraction is the top priority. After the standing water has been pumped or vacuumed out, then we can begin checking for hidden moisture pockets.

  • Moisture Sensors detect water in carpets and pads. Probes determine if the water is present and also penetrate underneath to see if the flooding penetrated the sub-floor. Sensors do not measure the exact amount of water, but the visual and audio responses blink and beep faster the more water there is present.
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras find moisture in material like wood, ceiling tiles, and drywall. They quickly show how far the water has penetrated through the building. For example, the infrared images can reveal if floodwater that came in under a door has soaked only wall panels near the entryway or if it has gone much further into the kitchen or even through into the dining area by showing the temperature differences, not actual water.
  • Moisture Meters measure the actual water content. Restoration teams usually have meters calibrated for wood and other building material like drywall. The numbers provide a baseline for technicians to determine what equipment is needed and how long it may take to complete drying material or if too damaged for restoration.
  • Thermo-Hygrometers measure the temperature and humidity of the air in each room. Team members use them to determine a safe, baseline level in unaffected areas to use in the affected areas and the HVAC ducts. We work hard to restore a balanced Relative Humidity to your workplace by first establishing the Specific Humidity.

Does Anything Else Happen During the Inspection?

SERVPRO technicians arrive on each site with the equipment needed to begin removing standing water and debris left by the flood. Once the inspection is completed, we use this information to determine the equipment, cleaning agents, and the time needed to finish restoring your business.

To schedule a service call, contact SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties at (850) 267-0746 today.

Is There a Special Protocol for Cleanup After a Tragedy in My Santa Rosa Beach Home?

8/16/2020 (Permalink)

bullet shell casings on the floor It is hard to clean up after a trauma scene on your own. Contact SERVPRO for trauma scene cleanup.

Skills Based on Advanced Training and Delivered with Compassion is the Combination Santa Rosa Beach Residents Coping with Trauma Scene Cleanup Need and Why SERVPRO Workers Pursue Additional Training

No one can prepare for a traumatic death or injury in their Santa Rosa Beach home. Whether you are dealing with the shock of criminal activity that resulted in severe harm or death, or accidental, unintended death, injury, or suicide, the emotional circumstances are incredibly anxiety provoking. The stress our customers experience is why we seek out additional sensitivity training for our workers.

Who Has the Responsibility of Cleaning Up a Trauma Scene?

While you are still trying to catch your breath after the fear, horror, and sadness of the tragedy in your Santa Rosa Beach home, trauma scene cleanup is urgently needed. As the authorities pack up to leave, you receive a second jolt. If you inquire about who helps remove the residues left behind, you discover that job is yours alone. Suddenly you face some or all of the following tasks:

  • Cleanup of human tissues and blood from a range of surfaces
  • Cleanup of other bodily fluids 
  • Cleanup of weapon discharge residues and other chemicals
  • Management of various evidence-gathering chemicals and substances -- fingerprint powder and materials that highlight blood and other organic remains, spray paint, marker ink
  • Abatement of criminal activity deterrent chemicals -- pepper spray, teargas
  • Removal of hazardous substances related to the traumatic event --  such as drug residues either airborne and settled on surfaces

Who Can Help with the Cleanup?

The crushing cleanup load on the shoulders of residents pushed nearly beyond endurance is why SERVPRO commits to providing our community and its residents with highly specialized strategies. Organic residues like blood cannot receive just topical, cosmetic cleaning. Seeping under flooring and sprayed on walls, fluids like blood can carry both pathogens and dreadful memories of the traumatic event. Our technicians train in advanced techniques and use proprietary products to remove all traces.

Why reach out to SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties if you are struggling with trauma scene cleanup? We are discrete and highly qualified, available 24/7 at (850) 267-0746.

Contractor Licenses:

Mold Remediation: MRSR309 , MRSR377

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How Much Damage Can a Microwave Fire Cause in My Kitchen?

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

flames burning in a microwave oven SERVPRO Cleans Up, Restores, and Repairs Fire Damaged Homes in Miramar Beach--from a small microwave to a large condo!

SERVPRO Technicians Save Miramar Beach Homes with Fire Restoration Services

Kitchen appliance fires can cause considerable amounts of damage quickly, even if the flames are smothered in a closed microwave or oven. Miramar Beach homeowners may be surprised to find corrosion caused by soot deposits in other areas of the kitchen weeks or months after the fact, or have to deal with invisible protein residues imparting foul odors that are difficult to mask.

SERVPRO specializes in fire restoration for Miramar Beach properties with commercial-grade tools operated by licensed technicians. This firm knows the ins and outs of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards for fire damage mitigation and consistently meets these industry benchmarks with rapid-response cleanup services.

If water damage from fire suppression efforts has allowed for mold to grow on your property, your local SERVPRO team is licensed to offer mold remediation services (license numbers MRSR309 and MRSR377).

SERVPRO is Ready to Help 24/7

SERVPRO prides itself on its constant availability, even late at night, on weekends, and during holidays. This continuous access allows homeowners to minimize loss and maximize savings as soon as possible from a local franchise location.

A fast-responding mitigation and restoration team can also restore damaged areas of your home after cleaning up damages. If you have drywall, carpeting, or fixtures that have been affected by fire, SERVPRO’s all-in-one service can take care of the necessary repairs to return your property to a preloss state.

What are the Common Causes of Microwave Fires?

  • Overheating food or its packaging. Overheating is the leading cause of many microwave oven fires. Carefully assess the temperature of frozen or refrigerated items before heating to ensure that food is not cooked for too long.
  • Power supply failures. Electrical fires are another risk that can come from microwave usage, as with any electronic appliance. A shorted-out power supply can burn components in the housing and start a fire.
  • Power surges. Sometimes power surges can cause microwaves or other devices to accidentally turn on and run until it is shut off again.
  • Ignition risks. Research the make and model of the microwave you currently own, as some have components that ignite when overheated. However, this is a very uncommon occurrence.

Even if the fire is small, kitchen fires can cause damage well after the cause has been addressed. Miramar Beach residents are encouraged to report fires and file claims to ensure that licensed professionals quickly address any risks created by appliance fires.

What Can I Do to Minimize Damage to My Home After a Fire?

Home fires can be a stressful experience that can leave Miramar Beach homeowners unsure of how to handle the situation. However, SERVPRO can offer tips on keeping damage in your home to a minimum before cleanup begins:

  • Avoid taking items out of your property on your own, especially before an insurance adjuster has had a chance to evaluate the situation. This precaution allows you to get a more accurate assessment of the damage and receive compensation accordingly.
  • Take care when entering and leaving the affected area to avoid spreading residues and odors that can stain or affect the comfort of other rooms in your home.
  • Do not try to wash soot residues off with water or water-based solutions. Contact with moisture makes soot acidic and can corrode metals and other surfaces in your kitchen.
  • Cover furniture with cloths to prevent accidental staining or spreading of residues.
  • Avoid operating your HVAC system until it has been inspected and cleaned to keep soot and odors from spreading through your home via the vents.

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Remove Soot and Residues from Fire-Damaged Kitchens?

SERVPRO technicians are trained and experienced in using commercial-grade solutions to remove fire damage residues in kitchens, including the following:

  • Large, dry deposits can be vacuumed up and removed from the property.
  • Protein residues are eliminated with the help of enzyme digesters, which break down proteins into water-soluble byproducts for easy cleaning and odor control.
  • Light soot deposits and stains can be removed with a variety of manual cleaning methods, including dry cleaning sponges and EPA-registered antimicrobial solutions.
  • Substantial damage to wood and other structural materials can be removed with abrasion cleaning with materials like soda ash and corn cobs.
  • Oily soils created by burnt rubbers and plastics are a challenge to clean with consumer-grade products. However, SERVPRO techs have access to lipophilic cleaning solutions designed to dissolve oil-based residues.

SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties, provide mitigation and restoration to keep homes looking, “Like it never even happened.” You can call (850) 267-0746 to send a team to your home.

How Does the Right Pump Get Selected for Water Removal in Miramar Beach?

7/27/2020 (Permalink)

Water damager after flooding in house with furniture floating Choosing the right submersible pump can make a considerable difference and the efficiency of extraction and water removal for your home.

Dozens of extractors can get used in your water-damaged Miramar Beach home after a disaster, and we work quickly to determine the best option.

There are many considerations in choosing or installing the correct pump for your Miramar Beach residence after a water or flood loss. Understanding the needs of the property and the current damage conditions allows our technicians to respond to the emergency by choosing the appropriate water removal equipment. Pumps play a vital role in the extraction of standing water, which can ultimately be a damaging situation For your structure.

Regarding water removal for Miramar Beach homes and condos, there are multiple choices that we can make. For situations where solids or debris might be present, trash pumps with a higher gallon per minute rating might be best. The length of hose needed to reach the appropriate drain point is also a consideration that must get made because often, the most powerful of our units can have the shortest discharge lines. Clean water conditions often benefit from the application of electric submersible pumps.

Are Electric Submersible Pumps the Best?

In situations where standing water exceeds two inches in depth, we can use submersible pumps to remove this threat. There are multiple advantages to choosing electric submersible pumps, but these machines' versatility is often their most significant benefit. With several models and types of electric pumps in our inventory, the range of available power and productivity makes these machines among the most heavily used and water restoration efforts. Electric pumps can:

    •    Range from ¾ to 4" hose
    •    Move 100 - 18,000 gallons of water per hour based on size
    •    Operate on 115-volt power supply
    •    Provide continuous operation

Choosing the right submersible pump can make a considerable difference and the efficiency of extraction and water removal for your home. You can trust in the response and industry-leading equipment of our SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties team. Give us a call today at (850) 267-0746.

Why Does Humidity Matter with Water Leaks in Santa Rosa Beach?

7/19/2020 (Permalink)

water creating a puddle outside of a shower cabin Water damage, if not cleaned up properly, can lead to other devastating effects to your home. Contact SERVPRO immediately for quick remediation.

SERVPRO Monitors Drying Conditions for Your Santa Rosa Beach Home to Mitigate Water Damage

Following unwanted water exposure, adequately drying the impacted rooms in your Santa Rosa Beach home becomes of utmost priority. Being near the beach, you have to deal with higher-than-average humidity levels even without excessive levels of moisture. Adding to the humidity with a leak can cause extensive harm if not tended to right away.  Understanding the importance of humidity levels helps property owners understand some of the drying processes.

What is the Difference Between Specific and Relative Humidity?

Attaining the proper humidity levels in your Santa Rosa Beach home enables technicians to complete the restoration process more efficiently and helps to mitigate secondary damage such as mold growth or permanently damaged drywall. Specific humidity is the actual amount of moisture in the air measured in grains of moisture per pound of air (gpp). On the other hand, relative humidity measures the amount of moisture the air can hold based on the temperature of the room.

Why Does It Help to Know Both Relative and Specific Humidity?

  • Relative humidity helps drying specialists determine optimal room temperature.
  • Technicians use a percentage range to create an RH goal between 30% and 50%.
  • Specific humidity levels change as you dry the structure, ideally decreasing.
  • Technicians can calculate specific humidity coming straight from the dehumidifier to make sure it works properly to decrease moisture levels in the air.

Our SERVPRO technicians understand the specific concepts of Psychrometry and use both relative humidity and specific humidity to determine drying goals that they measure throughout the restoration process. Our goal is to make it, "Like it never even happened."

For assistance dealing with water damage, Contact SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties at (850) 267-0746.

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