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Santa Rosa Beach Residents Can Find Their Voice at Bella Blue

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

A man singing into a microphone. Go out enjoy yourself and show your talent at the weekly open mic night at Bella Blue Bar.

Enjoy the weekly open mic night at one of Niceville's most popular night destinations.

Now that we are into the new year, it seems fitting for many to step out of their comfort zones and step on the stage for an unforgettable experience. Open mics provide the opportunity to showcase a wealth of talents from stand-up comedy to instrumental music and songwriting. Bella Blue has played a supportive role in developing live talent in the region with events like the open mic. 

If you are looking to try it out for yourself, you can head down on January 25th, 2021, at 5:30. The event is at the Bella Blue Bar on E. Highway 20. For more information, give the venue a call at (850) 729-0066.

Needing fire and smoke cleanup for Santa Rosa Beach residences leaves no room for amateurs. Let our SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties help with fire restoration solutions by calling (850) 267-0746. 

Miramar Beach Residents Can Solve a Murder Mystery

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

A skyview of two large buildings close to the beach. What a fun and different event to attend, go out and enjoy a 1920's themed dinner event.

Step back into the 1920s with this themed dinner event in nearby Destin. 

Following the substantial successes of the first edition, "Murder Prohibited," many of the same cast of whacky characters return for the sequel murder mystery "Murder at the Museum" on January 22nd, 2021, beginning at 7:00 PM CST. The show follows Calliope Jones and her team of explorers returning with what might be a cursed Egyptian artifact. Can you find the murderer?

Doors open at 6:30 PM to allow you to find your seat. Ticket prices include a full meal provided by the host of the event, The Palms of Destin Resort. For more information about this unique, themed murder mystery dinner, give Nicole Dickson a call at (850) 207-7115. 

Sometimes flood damage in Miramar Beach can be murderous for your home's flooring and exposed contents. Our SERVPRO team can help with efficient extraction and cleaning efforts beginning shortly after your call to our staffed emergency lines. Give our SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties team a call today at (850) 267-0746. 

How Can SERVPRO Protect Miramar Beach Businesses After Water Damages?

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Water rushing up on a sandy beach. SERVPRO of SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties is here to protect our Miramar Beach properties.

Between a contracting division and our restoration specialists, we can offer efficient water damage repair solutions.

Florida has become synonymous with a place to retire and see out the Golden years of your life, and Miramar Beach is one such destination that has been a captivating location for just this reason. With the steadily growing population, this is a town that has evolved in nearly every sense, from accommodations and entertainment to art and culture. Despite part of the population being retirees, the entire area has experienced overall gentrification as youthful business and entrepreneurs stake their claim in some of our coastal community's sprawling business districts. Because we are so close to Destin, we can offer many experiences and restaurant options that might not be within the borders of our small beach town.

The Coastal Community for All Ages

An interesting bit of information about Miramar Beach is how far away from its similar namesake city it is. In Florida, many cities and towns have added the term beach to the end of the municipality name to distinguish an adjacent region closer to the coastline. But unlike places like Miami Beach or Cocoa Beach, the city of Miramar is more than 450 miles away from the beach of its same name. While this community's population has not exceeded 7000, the culture and heritage thriving here can make the municipality seem much larger.  

Though with a smaller size than many other communities throughout Walton County, the Miramar Beach region has a denser populated area than nearly all of Florida and almost 1000% higher than the national average. This helps create a tight-knit community that continues to grow rapidly, infusing new cultures and histories. Our SERVPRO team has been glad to be a part of that growth and evolution over the years, helping families through difficult experiences like fire and water disasters.

Shopping Experiences of Miramar Beach

While there are a host of unique and specialized shops throughout the community, much of the allure of shopping and this area of Florida can happen in nearby Destin. Being only a couple of miles from this larger municipality, we can provide a more serene experience without compromising the proximity to outlet shops and other shopping experiences that entice tourism and encourage longer stays.

Some of the most popular of these options include:

  • Silver Sands Premium Outlets - With nearly 100 stores and services available, this outlet location is an open-air marketplace for shoppers of all types. With the region's often calm climate, you can find this outside outlet mall to be a popular destination for travelers and locals alike.
  • Market Shops – For those looking to take in the craft shops, boutiques, and unique small businesses of northern coastal Florida, there are few spots in the greater Fort Walton Beach area than The Market Shops in Destin.

Permanent Residences and Accommodations in High-Rise Condos 

Condominiums are also a staple of the Miramar Beach area. Condos provide a luxurious and manageable space for those looking to reside here long term or those looking to pass through on a shorter timeline. Between the deluxe resorts and high-rise buildings that you might see with complexes such as Majestic Sun or Edgewater Beach, hundreds of units are suited to families in traveling parties of all sizes. High-rise structures can provide a challenge after water disasters, requiring our SERVPRO professionals to implement specialty equipment to reach damaged areas far from the ground floor.

Nearby Attractions for Travelers 

Despite the nostalgic allure of the beachside scene, the community has many amenities and attractions that can also be enticing to those not entirely settled on where they intend to vacation on the coast. As you might expect, a lot of the attractions feature activities that can occur on the water or on the beach. Parasailing is one such attraction, though the bulk of these options change with the seasons and the popularity of the beachfront. Nearby Destin also features the shopping experiences and entertainment venues that allow it to become a hub of the greater Pensacola area. There are also many experiences and destinations for the golfer in your party, as the region features dozens of high-quality championship courses.

Efficient Water Damage Repair Approaches for Miramar Beach Properties

Restoring and repairing your home or condominium after a water disaster must happen as quickly as possible. There is often a small window of opportunity to reduce the total loss for customers by implementing mitigation strategies right away. Regardless of how quickly our professionals can arrive at these emergencies, there is often a need for repairs and reconstruction. We have a division of general contractors capable of overseeing this work along with our restoration technicians working to mitigate loss within the structure.

Water damage repair in Miramar Beach homes and businesses involves several different actions and tasks. With situations like broken plumbing fixtures and burst pipes, having building trade professionals capable of replacing damaged pipes and repairing leaks can ultimately reduce the migration of water loss effects. To reach the damaged portions of your plumbing network, controlled demolition is often required. Careful removal of exposed materials can make the reconstruction phase more efficient and cost-effective.

Rebuilding after controlled demolition and material removal happens after mitigation completes. A seamless transition between these phases ensures that we can get families back into their condos and homes as quickly as possible. Not having to wait for a subcontractor to find the time in their schedule to assist with your needs can save customers time and money on the restoration work their property requires.

Water disasters can happen in many different ways, impacting your property and damaging its contents. As leading water restoration specialists in northern Florida, our SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties team can help with efficient drying and repairs necessary after these emergencies occur. Give us a call anytime at (850) 267-0746.

Santa Rosa Beach, part of the Florida Emerald Coast

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Pearl the albino gator Don't Count on Pearl, the albino gator, to clean up your storm-soaked Santa Rosa Beach home, call SERVPRO!

Enjoy the Beaches, Dining, and Artistic Pursuits Near Santa Rosa Beach

There are lots of activities available in and around Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, all year round. Beaches, dining, visit the artist colony at Gulf Place or relax in a luxury beach house. There are several entrances to the Point Washington State forest with over 15,000 acres of coastal scrub, swamplands, and pine flat woods. There are three trail systems for hikers to explore the park.

Nearby, at Fudpucker’s Gator Beach, visitors and residents can take in the Gator Experience. Running daily, take a trip into a gator habitat to view over 100 juvenile and adult alligators. There is also “Pearl,” a white albino alligator, one of only 50 in the world. Participants get to do the following activities on this daily tour:

  • Feed the alligators in their habitat – babies, juveniles, and adults
  • See Pearl in her habitat
  • Take a photo while holding an alligator
  • Dine at the venues Beachside Bar and Grill

SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties provides storm damage cleanup services to Santa Rosa Beach residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (850) 267-0746. We are available 24/7 to help with all your storm damage cleanup needs.

Lots of Activities for the Family on Miramar Beach

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

boats on the water  fireworks Clear skies on the water, no stormy weather in sight, SERVPRO says Happy New Year to our Santa Rosa Beach neighbors

Celebrate the New Year in Style at Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is often confused with Miramar, which is over 450 miles distant in South Florida. The Miramar Beach enclave is located due east of the city of Destin. It is a beach resort town with many condos and apartments for rent. Welcome to the Florida Panhandle.

There are many activities for the family to enjoy. These include:

  • Renting jet skis
  • Going parasailing
  • Enjoy the beach soaking up the sun
  • Lots of shopping, especially at Silver Sands Premium Outlets

Enjoy New Year's Eve on the Water

A favorite activity is celebrating New Year's, and why not on the SunQuest Cruises Solaris Yacht? The cruise is for guests age 21 and over. Enjoy a five-course meal, Champagne at midnight, live entertainment, and party favors. Guests get to watch the fireworks at midnight while cruising along the coast. Reservations are required to enjoy this spectacular New Year's celebration event.

SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties provides flood water removal services to Miramar Beach residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (850) 267-0746. We are available 24/7 to help with all your flood water removal needs.

Spend Quality Family Time on Santa Rosa Beach

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

beach umbrella opened up at shore Enjoy Santa Rosa Beach while SERVPRO remediates the mold damage to your home or business.

Visit Point Washington State Forest near Santa Rosa Beach

South Walton county includes 16 separate beach areas and many parks. Santa Rosa Beach is one of these beach areas offering luxury beach homes, great places to dine, and of course, access to the beaches. The area is known for providing turquoise beaches and sugar sand to relax on. Leisure Magazine named the area as one of the Best Beaches on Earth for families. Parks in the area, include Eden State Park, Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, and Point Washington State Park.

The area is located north of US Route 98 in what was known initially as Hogtown Bayou. In the 1800s, Hogtown Bayou, now named Santa Rosa Beach, was home to a general store, sugar cane factory, a cannery, several hotels, and two turpentine mills. Turpentine was harvested from the pine trees in the area and, along with tar and pitch, was used to maintain wooden-hulled ships. Later in the 19th century, lumber mills were established, which led to the depletion of the local forests.

Low water conditions combined with low tides during winter months expose shards of old turpentine pots and other materials used in turpentine production at that time.

US98 runs from Rosemary beach in the east past Santa Rosa Beach to Miramar Beach in the west. Part of the Emerald Coast, the area also includes Seagrove Beach, Grayton Beach, and Seaside.

Eden State Gardens

The beach area of Santa Rosa includes Point Washington, which is one of the original communities. The Wesley mansion was built in the 1890s and has been turned over to the state for preservation. There is an extensive collection of Louis XVI antiques.

The mansion has been restored. The elegant two-story home has a wrap-around porch with stately white columns. The setting of moss-draped oaks reminds visitors of virgin forests before logging exhausted the natural forest growth.

Enjoy a visit, tour the home, stroll through the gardens, enjoy a picnic, or even spend some time fishing from the Tucker Bayou dock. The park is open 365 days per year from 8 a.m. to sunset, and fees are $4 per vehicle. Guided tours are available, and house tours are $4 per adult and $2 per child.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

The park is named for the white quartz sand dunes that appear like a ship's sails over the sandy beaches. The park consists of 1640 acres featuring a variety of habitats. Native Americans initially used this area for camping, fishing, and hunting.

Visitors can view the following local habitats from several hiking trails:

  • Freshwater dune lakes are teeming with aquatic species.
  • Old-growth pine forests
  • Wetlands
  • Pristine beaches

Hikers can wander through old pine forests, scrubland, dunes, and wetlands. There are 3 miles of pristine beaches. The park is open during the hours from 8 a.m. until sunset all year long. Admission is $6 per vehicle with additional charges for more than eight people in a vehicle.

There are also RV and tent campsites available within the park. Bungalows and cabin rentals are also available at various times throughout the year. Bicycle, beach craft, beach carts, and beach equipment are also available for rent by the day or week.

Point Washington State Forest

The Point Washington State Forest is a great place to spend a day hiking along the more than 27 miles of trails or riding along a horse trail through coastal scrublands and longleaf pine forests. There are 3.5, 5, and 10-mile loops for hiking, biking, and horse riding. There are restrooms and parking available for everyone visiting the area.

The conservation and recreation lands were purchased in 1992. Florida's Conservation Recreation Lands manages the area. They manage outdoor recreation, restoration of the ecology as well as local wildlife and timber.

There are three entrances from the Santa Rosa Beach area into the forest. Visitors can travel by vehicle through the open forest areas on local roads. Drivers are urged to avoid blocking fire routes and to park in designated parking areas only.

Hunting is also allowed within the forest during prescribed hunting seasons, along with limits on game taken within the forest. In addition to the extensive trail system for hikers, cyclists, and horseback riding, overnight camping is allowed at several sites. Campers should note that these sites are primitive, and reservations are required. Georeferenced state maps are available to be downloaded to smartphones. Visitors are encouraged to use these maps to assist in navigating the trail system.

Are You Wondering What That Strong Musty Odor Is?

Many consumers and business-people are not aware that mold is virtually everywhere and can produce a strong, musty odor once an infestation occurs. Mold spores look for the right conditions, e.g.:

  • Dark and warm
  • High humidity
  • Source of food

Locations ideal for mold growth includes areas under sinks, bathrooms, and even inside walls where water may have leaked into the space inside the wall. Areas around foundations are another common source of strong odors from the mold. Not only can mold cause health effects for some people, but mold can also cause surfaces to discolor as well as structural damage to organic building structures, including wood and drywall if allowed to persist.

Our technicians are professionally trained to identify sources of mold and remediate mold infestations. Our team can inspect your home or business, identify the mold's location, and prepare a plan to remove the source. Severe infestations may require air filtration, removal or repair of structural elements, and thorough cleaning of the exposed area's interior including the application of an antifungal agent.

SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties provides mold inspection services to Santa Rosa Beach residential and commercial business customers and the surrounding area. Call (850) 267-0746. We are available 24/7 to help with all your mold inspection needs.

Enjoy Beer Brewed In Santa Rosa Beach – Right From The Source!

11/16/2020 (Permalink)

Sunset over the water Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunset when SERVPRO is removing smoke odors from your home.

Santa Rosa Beach Residents and Visitors Can Enjoy A Fresh Cold Brew From A Local Company

Grayton Beer Company brews its beers right here in Santa Rosa Beach. Jamey Price started the Grayton Beer Company after he and his wife visited the area and decided to move to the Emerald Coast to start a family. Jamey wanted to brew beers that fit the area's personality and vibe, and his company was born!

Today, you can visit Grayton's taproom to enjoy a local beer, right at the source. The taproom includes:

    •    A tap wall of more than twenty unique beers
    •    Cornhole games, darts, and life-sized Jenga
    •    A family-friendly atmosphere where children are welcome too

Bring your family for a fun, refreshing day out. The taproom is currently open Thursday – Saturday, 12 PM – 5 PM.

SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties is here to look after local businesses and help them with all their remediation needs, including smoke odors. For help with smoke remediation, call us at (850) 267-0746.

Celebrate The Spirit Of Vacation Rentals In Miramar Beach

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

Miramar Beach skyline We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Celebrate The Spirit Of Vacation Rentals.

Enjoy A Relaxing Day In Miramar Beach And Celebrate The Vacation Rentals Industry

The vacation rentals industry has had a challenging year. The Spirit of VR Roadshow is all about showing support for companies and employees in this industry, thanks to a series of fun, relaxed events throughout the Florida panhandle. The roadshow rolls up to Baytowne Wharf Boulevard, Miramar Beach, on Tuesday, November 10. Come check out the fully decked-out RV, which includes:

    •    Lounge chairs and hammocks to relax on.
    •    Happy hour gatherings.
    •    Food trucks to stave off hunger.
    •    A pop-up tent.
    •    And cornhole games.

Come and enjoy some tropical vacation vibes to brighten the winter months. The RV is visiting several locations, so you can attend more than once if you wish!?

SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties supports the wonderful beachside and resort businesses of this uniquely beautiful area. For help with water cleanup and removal in your Miramar Beach property, call us at (850) 267-0746.

Flood Damage Companies Help Keep Santa Rosa Beach Idyllic

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

home damaged by flood Call the experts at SERVPRO when your home is damaged by a flood!

Flood Damage Companies Like SERVPRO Are Ready To Help Santa Rosa Beach Residents When Floods Strike

Santa Rosa Beach is a cozy settlement in the Walton County area of Florida, with a little under 11,500 residents at the latest census. It is easy to see why people are so keen to settle in this beautiful area. Santa Rosa Beach is one of several beautiful beach communities located in the area, which is situated on Florida’s famous Emerald Coast.

In 1952, the Emerald Coast area was named The Miracle Strip, and it is easy to see why! The site is a popular family drive destination that encompasses a 100-mile stretch of the scenic Highway 98.

Santa Rosa Beach itself is delightfully situated beside a bayou of Choctawhatchee Bay. Some naval charts still give Choctawhatchee Bay the name St. Rose’s Bay. The town was once a prime producer of satsumas. Unfortunately, the citrus blight that began in 2005 affected many citrus trees growing in the Florida panhandle towns, and many growers had to destroy their beloved crops.

An Area Of Beautiful Beaches and Wild Nature
Thankfully there are still many wonderful things to enjoy in this quaint coastal community, including, of course, access to droves of stunning beaches nearby, including:

    •    Santa Rosa Beach itself, which offers miles of powdery white sands and turquoise waters to enjoy.
    •    Seascape – this popular destination offers 2,000 feet of beautiful beach flanked by a swanky resort where visitors can enjoy everything from tennis courts and swimming pools to a world-class golf course.
    •    Miramar Beach, where visitors can enjoy the laid-back vibe, old-fashioned surf shops, and range of quaint seaside homes.
    •    Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, which includes the area’s highest dune, and an ecosystem that includes longleaf pines, wetlands, and rare dune lakes.
    •    Dune Allen Beach, which is so wild and untouched that visitors might think they have taken a step back in time.

Local Flood Help For Residents
Unfortunately, being situated near so many beaches, lakes, and wetlands does put the Santa Rosa Beach area at a higher risk of flooding than some places, but SERVPRO is on hand to help when the weather gets wild. Because our employees and Franchise owners are local, we know and love the area just as much as other residents. We know that living in such a beautiful place is worth it, but we also understand how distressing flood damage is.
Flood damage companies that know the local area have several advantages:

    •    We are used to the conditions here, which means our technicians know how to handle them.
    •    We are available all day and night, year-round, and we will arrive within four hours of your first call.
    •    We have access to national training resources, and we can apply our knowledge to local flood situations.
    •    We can work with other local services such as plumbers and electricians to restore your home to its pre-flood condition.

Spotlight On Santa Rosa
The Emerald Coast area is not only popular with residents and visitors alike; it is also popular with the silver screen. There is a long history of film-making in the area, partly because of the gorgeous beaches and quaint communities and partly because of the strong military presence here makes a good backdrop for movies. Some of the productions filmed in the area include:
    •    Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo in 1944.
    •    Twelve O’Clock High in 1949.
    •    Most of Jaws 2 was filmed in Santa Rosa county!
    •    Frogs, a 1972 eco-horror, was filmed around Choctawhatchee Bay.

And most famously, both external and internal shots for The Truman Show were filmed at Seaside, which is only an eighteen-minute drive from Santa Rosa Beach. With views like that, residents could be forgiven for thinking that they, like Truman, were living in their very own paradise.

Why Might Santa Rosa Beach Residents Need Flood Damage Companies?
As any resident of Florida knows, the state is prone to hurricanes. Its coastal location, nearness to the tropics, and the fact that it is the path of tropical winds blowing from the West African coast leave the area vulnerable to hurricanes. A hurricane is a powerful tropical storm that forms over warm water and then heads for land with a wind speed of at least 74 mph. They strengthen until they hit ground.

Some well-known Florida hurricanes include:
    •    The Okeechobee Hurricane of 1928 that made landfall near Palm Beach and caused massive loss of life.
    •    The Florida Keys Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, which was at the time the strongest storm to ever hit the United States, with a storm surge powerful enough to carry away a train.
    •    Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which was one of the most costly natural disasters of modern times, causing $30 billion in damage.

Hurricanes are a real and present threat. In 2020, Walton County was hit by Hurricane Sally, causing extensive damage.

How Can SERVPRO Help Santa Rosa Beach Residents After A Flood?
We train our skilled  technicians to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards. That means you can trust us to handle the situation in a professional manner. Our technicians have the know-how and the equipment on hand to help with every aspect of flood remediation, including:
    •    Pumping flood water out of your Santa Rosa Beach home.
    •    Using sanitizing and anti-microbial products to sanitize your home and belongings.
    •    Advising you on which items you should keep and which items you must dispose of.
    •    Helping you talk to your insurance company.
    •    Drying your home and dealing with hidden patches of moisture.
    •    Deodorizing your home to leave it smelling fresh, “Like it never even happened.”

Fast action helps protect your home from further damage, including fungal growth, and means you can return to everyday life more quickly. We act fast to remove water and dry the area, helping you enjoy your Emerald Coast home.

If you're concerned about the effects of flood damage, do not delay. Get in touch with your local remediation experts. Call SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties at (850) 267-0746.

How Do Miramar Beach Homeowners Deal With Damage from a Kitchen Faucet Leak?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property SERVPRO is prepared to ensure that your home looks and feels, “Like it never even happened.”

Miramar Beach Water Mitigation Services Provided by SERVPRO Can Minimize Damage to Under-Sink Cabinets

The most persistent kitchen leaks can be in hard to reach areas for Miramar Beach homeowners. Whether the leak comes from a tiny perforation in a supply line or a loose connection between pipes, small water damages can lead to unpleasant odors, mold growth, and damaged cabinet interiors that can create significant repair and replacement costs over time.

SERVPRO technicians are certified to perform water mitigation for Miramar Beach homeowners that adheres to Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) specifications.

How Can Homeowners Inspect and Maintain a Kitchen Faucet?
    •    Inspect the faucet and turn off the water supply to your sink before disassembling.
    •    Open your faucet after shutting off the water to relieve pressure inside the plumbing and ensure that water is completely off.
    •    Take photos or video as needed to help you keep track of small parts, or arrange them in the order that they were removed. Make sure the drains are covered to prevent the loss of small parts.
    •    After reassembling the faucet, open shutoff valves slowly to turn water on and the leave the faucet open. This process ensures that there is no more air in the pipes.

Can SERVPRO Professionals Remediate Water Damage to Cabinetry?
The technicians at SERVPRO can clean and dry water-damaged cabinet interiors by first removing toe-kicks and drilling small holes for ventilation. If water damage on the floor or subfloor is a concern, techs can inspect under structures with thermal imaging cameras.

Water stains and light odors can be remediated with EPA-registered biocides. Depending on the size and openness of your kitchen layout, a drying chamber made of polypropylene may be erected to contain air movement and dehumidification to a smaller space.

SERVPRO of N. Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes & Washington Counties is prepared to ensure that your home looks and feels, “Like it never even happened.” Call the team at (850) 267-0746 for rapid disaster cleanup.